You will often hear people talking about IQ i.e. Intelligence Quotient.

Formula for checking IQ

We often talk about a person with a sharp mind, saying, his IQ is good.

But do you know how a person's IQ is measured?

There is a scientific formula for measuring IQ. Know what that formula is

IQ is measured based on the ratio of a person's mental age to the chronological age (your real age).

If a person aged 10 years has a mental age of 10, then their IQ will be 100.

However, if a person's mental age is higher than their chronological age, their IQ will also be higher.

Suppose a 10-year-old person has a mental edge if 12, then their IQ will be 120.

At the same time, if a person's mental age is less than their chronological age, then their IQ will be less than 100.

To decide the mental age, people of every age group are asked a certain variety of questions. On Google, you will find many sites where the format of these questions and how to know the mental edge are described.

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